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Our books are still featured on the Shop Happy Shop Small section of the Happy Mum Happy Baby website. 

I decided to self-publish my books in order to have full control over what they looked like and the message in the book, and to have been able to be a part of the Virtual Meetup when we are not even 6 months old yet is just amazing. 

Thank you to the Happy Mum Happy Baby Team and to Giovanna, you are an amazing woman! x


Introducing the 'What Makes Our Family Special' series of Children's books; two sisters learning about the diverse cultures of their beautifully blended family through adventure.

These books have been created to celebrate the differences within our family dynamics and how amazing it is to have a family come together, loving each other unconditionally.

In each book, Evie and Isla will visit a country that their Grandparents are from. You, yourself may have the same heritage, but even if you don't, these books are a great way to teach your little ones about some of the amazing countries in the world and their different cultures and traditions.


These books are for children aged 4 and above. They are educational as well as fun. We really hope you enjoy reading these with your children and sparking conversations as their curious little minds wander.

...So what makes our family special? Join us and get to know us through our amazing adventures!

What Makes Our Family Special

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“I was lucky enough to have a read of this book before the release date to offer an honest review - I just want to say how delighted I am to see more diverse books coming out. The illustrations are amazing and I love the little facts about Guyana. I cannot wait to buy this for my nephew...and just in time for Christmas."

Natalie Pencille

"Beautifully written children's book, I love the idea of learning about different cultures and countries around the world, so easy to read and the pictures make it so engaging for children. My sons are 8 and 4, and we cannot wait for the next book to come out."

Nikki Antoniou

"OMG I just love this book - I was lucky enough to see a pre-release (as Danielle is my cousin) and I read it with my son who is 8. He absolutely loved the adventure side of the book and loved learning about the different animals from Guyana. I actually never knew where Guyana was or what it was famous for so it was really nice to read something educational too."

Leanne Clarke

Meet Danielle Clarke
I was born in Manchester and moved to London when I was four. I have a large, beautifully blended family and we are all very close. I am a very family orientated person and have an open-door policy. We always have family and friends popping in and Evie and Isla love this social side to life, as did I growing up. I love to laugh, be outdoors, and most of all read! I was always teased for being a book worm, but it’s my escape from the crazy thing we call life.

I have always wanted to write a book, and having Evie and Isla, became my inspiration. I had bought a lot of the classics from when I was younger and had saved the Disney books I used to read as a child. Listening to someone on a chat show once (for the life of me I can’t remember who it was) I learned that only a small percentage of people from diverse backgrounds appeared in children’s books. In 2018, it was discovered that only 7% of children’s books published in the UK featured stories of Black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds. For the main characters in kid’s books, this number was lower – only 4%. Until I had Evie and Isla, this was something I never thought about.

Evie & Isla’s Dad is Bajan/Guyanese, and I’m Irish/English. I knew Evie & Isla would love the original classics I loved as a child, but it would be nice to see characters that they could relate to.

With the year we have had due to Covid-19 and the fight for equality, I began to have deep conversations with friends I had known since primary school, as well as family members, and realised that although I knew racism was still happening, even in 2020, I hadn’t realised how it made people feel and the impact it had had on them and how it impacted their outlook on life. Being a mother of two beautiful, strong-minded little ladies, you naturally want to protect them against anything negative. So without realising, conversations and events began to form an idea in my mind, not all at once, but over a period of time.

I want to say it was a magical moment when I decided to write these books, but in truth, the idea came to me whilst ironing, listening to ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ featuring Dawn O’Porter, who I just love! I then sat at my laptop one evening once the kids were in bed and wrote three books, with an idea of about 9 more. Evie and Isla’s dad Jon, has been there along to way to bounce off and share his ideas and thoughts.

Having worked in the creative industry for a long time, I have developed an eye for detail, so wanted the illustrations to be perfect and to project Evie and Isla in the way that I see them. I got in contact with Lily Carver, who I had met once years earlier through a work colleague, and what she created was magic.

"I want our beautifully blended family to be celebrated; these beautiful people influence Evie and Isla, who is by far my biggest inspiration and my absolute reason for being. Evie and Isla, this is for you!"

Meet Lily Carver
London born Lily Carver is a dynamic designer and illustration artist whose work is centred around rich, immersive narratives and strong, vibrant aesthetics.


Originally trained in architecture and with experience across set design, interiors, installations and experiential events, her passions fall within constructing temporary realities through sculpture and spatial manipulation. These passions are translated into Lily's illustrations as she creates scenic, intricate worlds for her characters to explore, rich in vivid colour combos and alluring patterns.
www.lilycarver.com Instagram - @lilycarverr - @lilustrationz

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