Colouring In Competition Terms & Conditions

Evie and Isla love to colour! They love to mix and blend colours to create something magical! 

Press the button ‘Download’ for your own picture of Evie and Isla to colour in and create your own magic.

Once coloured in, you can tag us in on Instagram or you can send your picture to to see your picture on our gallery. One winner will be chosen monthly and will receive a free book from the ‘What Makes Our Family Special’ Series as their prize. 


Kids, please make sure you ask an grown up to help you!


If you don’t have access to a printer, email us and I will post a printout to you free of charge subject to availability. 


If your Child/Children colour in the photo of Evie and Isla, they do not need to send the picture in, it’s only if you want to send it in. I will be choosing winners at random per month to win a free edition of the next book. If you and your Child/Children would like to send the picture in, please could you fill in the consent form below: 


Gallery on the Blue Stella Website

They will be removed after 7 days. 


On our Social Platforms

The Picture will appear on Instagram’s Stories and then saved as a highlight afterward. On Facebook, they will be saved in an Album, they won’t appear on Twitter.