Why do Step-Mums have such a bad reputation? There’s a stigma behind the subject! Don’t get me wrong, there are some awful ones out there…but why are they awful? What happened for them to feel a certain way about their partners/husband’s child/children? Do you yourself think you could be a better ‘Bonus-Parent? Do you judge a step/bonus-parent before knowing the whole story? Is it sometimes men who stir the pot between the women, or vice-versa? Is it too late to change the narrative?

Did this ‘Evil Step-Mum stigma start with Disney films?

- Snow White's evil Step-Mum, the Queen was probably the worst, trying to kill Snow White because she was the prettiest in the land…How many women are jealous of their Step-Child/Children? What is there to be jealous about? Does not make it ok to want to wipe them out completely!

- Cinderella's dad re-married a woman, Lady Tremaine, another Evil Step-Mum who had two daughters of her own. Treated Cinderella like a house slave. Why were Lady Tremaine’s daughters known as the ‘ugly sisters’ and Cinderella was beautiful and kind – creates resentment between the daughters, no? And how can a woman that already has her own children treat someone else’s daughter so bad?

- Mother Gothel was technically not Rapunzel’s Step-Mum, but her captor, she kept Rapunzel locked up in a tower for 17 years and used Rapunzel for her magic hair. Cabin Fever much?

How any of these Princesses lived happily ever after with no issues does not reflect real life!

- Maleficent: Not a Step-Mum until the film came out, she cursed Aurora, but then grew to love her as a mother. Us Step-Mum’s/Bonus-Mums may start out wrong, but let us adjust to the situation and watch us bloom! Maleficent certainly did.

- Step-Mom the movie – Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts – a true interpretation how both women can feel in these situations – and an unfortunate situation where the biological mother of the children learns that she is dying; but before she does, Susan’s character and Julia’s character come together and bond, and become friends – this is a true Bonus-Mum.

- The Parent-Trap – The Step-Mum wants the twin’s dad all to herself, their mum is calm about the situation, and the money grabbing woman gets what she deserves, the boot! On the flip side, the same happens in ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’, the step-dad didn’t want a child, he wanted to send her to a private school.

There are Evil Step-Dads and Bonus-Dads too!

Do you have an Evil Step-Parent or a Bonus-Parent…how has it affected your life?

Together, let’s jog on the Evil ones, and change the narrative for the Bonus ones! It’s never too late to change the Narrative!

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