Returns & Refund Policy
You will have 14 days to request a refund. You will receive a refund once the book/s has been returned. You have 14 days to return your book/s. You are not eligible for a refund after 14 days of purchasing the book/s. If your book is faulty, you can either request a replacement or a full refund. You will only receive the refund for the book and not the delivery cost.

Privacy Policy
Thank you for visiting our website! This Privacy Policy helps you understand what Personal data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and the choices you have, including how to access and update information.
Our policy applies to you if you purchase our products online, through online services through our mobile, or if you use any of our website or interact with us on social media (our “Services”).

The information we collect
In order to place an order or download a picture for your children to colour in, you will need to submit your name, address and email address.

Personal Information
The only personal information we will require from you are:

  • Full Name

  • E-mail address for your order receipt

  • Delivery address

  • Payment details when placing an order

  • Optional: Social Media tag

We only require the information needed to complete an order or for your downloadable picture.

How we use your information
The law on data protection sets out a number of different reasons for which a company may collect and process your personal data. These are set out below:

  • When we're required to enter into a contract with you

  • We use your personal information to process your orders and payments or to give you a refund.

  • Where you have provided consent

  • We may use emails to communicate with you about our future products, competitions, offers, promotions or special events.

  • Where there is a Legitimate Interest

  • As a Company we are often required to process your personal data in order to carry out certain tasks relating to our business activities. In such cases, processing of personal data can be justified on grounds of legitimate interest.

Communications – the use of information collected
We use your information for only the following business purposes:

  • To send your purchased book to you

  • To send you a receipt of your purchase

  • Data Capture to keep you informed of anything up and coming in the future and provide customer support

  • To notify you if you or your child/ren have won a competition

  • To help us diagnose problems with our server or other technical issues relating to the performance of the website

  • To contact you if we need to obtain or provide additional information

  • For marketing activities (other than where we rely on your consent) e.g. marketing permissions captured during the course of a sale, personalising marketing messages through social media and other third party platforms

  • To comply with a request from you in connection with the exercise of your rights, eg. When you have opted out of marketing emails or contact

  • To let you post on our blogs and interact with us through social media

Personalise & Improve our Service

  • To personalise your experience with our online services. This could include providing you with interesting, relevant content or making navigation to our site easier

  • To help us understand more about you as a customer, the products and services you use, the way you use them and how you shop across the company, so we can serve you better

  • Improve the content and appearance of the website and to make sure that content is presented in the most effective manner for you

  • To operate, evaluate and improve our business, including the development of any new products to determine the effectiveness of our sales, marketing and advertising of offers and promotions

When we're required to comply with our Legal Obligation

  • We'll use your personal information to comply with our legal obligations including:

  • To identify you when you contact us

  • To verify the accuracy of data that we hold about you

  • To assist HMRC and/or the Police and/or other regulatory bodies in relation to an investigation by a public authority.

How long we keep your personal information
We will keep your personal information for as long as you're a customer. If you haven't made a purchase or engaged with us for 3 years or more, then we'll remove you from our marketing mailing lists. After you stop being a customer, we may keep your data for up to 7 years after the last time you interacted with us. This could include one of the ways specified in 'How we use your personal information' and for one of these reasons:

  • To respond to any questions or complaints

  • To show that we treated you fairly

  • To maintain records according to rules that applies to us

  • To establish, bring or defend legal claims

We do not retain personal information in an identifiable format for longer than is necessary.

How can you stop the use of your personal data for direct marketing

  • We won't send you marketing messages if you tell us not to.

  • You can click onto the "unsubscribe" link in any communication that we send to you by email which will automatically unsubscribe you from that type of communication

  • Please note that it may take up to 28 days to process your request to “unsubscribe”

Third Party Advertisements
Blue Stella may advertise through Facebook and Instagram and has a shop with them. Read the Facebook and/or Instagram Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies if you use them to link you through to the Blue Stella webpage.  

Payment Details
When making a purchase on the website, you will be asked to provide payment card details. You will be redirected to a payment processing page. We do not collect, store or have access to any payment details during or after the payment process.

Online Safety when purchasing goods online

  • Always use secured websites, you will see the site has a secure padlock symbol

  • Check your bank statements online often and report any anomalies to your bank

  • Report any suspicious activity to

  • Report a lost or stolen card to your bank immediately

  • Do not use auto-fill or remember card information or credentials on a shared device

  • Log out of your account after every session on a shared device.

If you notice a transaction that you haven’t made, just check these points first:

  • Was the order placed by a friend, family or someone who has access to your payment details?

  • Are there other cards associated with the account that may have been used?

  • Have you recently cancelled an order? Some banks show this transaction as pending

Advice for staying safe online

  • Always check you are shopping with trusted retailers and only use secure sites, look for the padlock in the address bar when you are surfing the web. This means that your connection is encrypted, so your personal information will reach the site without anyone else being able to read it

  • If you want to go ahead with a purchase on a site you’re not sure is legitimate, use a credit card if you have one, as most major credit card providers will insure online purchases

  • Also, don’t give away too much information. There’re some obvious details that an online store will need, such as your address and your card details, but be cautious if they ask for details that are not required for your purchase such personal security questions

If something isn’t working:    
If you notice something isn’t quite working on the technology front, please do let us know by emailing: and we will work on getting the matter resolved as quickly as possible.